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Data oriented solutions tailored to your needs.

In a nutshell, you provide us with data that we help you to understand and build competitive advantage on your market.

Data analysis and web scraping

We build systems that give you constant insight into the data streams produced by your business and help you to take advantage of the information that is hidden inside. Moreover, we create automated web scrapers that can help you speed up the collection of the crucial information.

Web applications

We can help you build a system that will be responsible for the whole data management process. Having a web app developed, your customer or colleague can directly access the interface from any place or device in the world. As your company grows, the app will grow with you by adding new components and functionalities.

Machine Learning and AI solutions

We create tailored machine learning models that can be used for: customer lifetime value prediction, predictive maintenance, spam detection, product recommendations, financial analysis, medical diagnosis, improved security or increase of your customer satisfaction.

How about showing you what we've done?

Our previous projects. - a marketplace connecting all stakeholders working in the renewable energy industry

Multi-dimensional platform created with the use of the most modern web technologies. Platform allows to carry out instantaneous payments, filter and compare various offers as well as contact different users. Platform is available in both browser and mobile versions.

WindAlly - a modern software for wind asset management

WindAlly is a software developed with the use of state-of-art machine learning and AI techniques, implementing dynamic data synchronization among various data sources as well as fast and efficient cloud computing and storage. Software is available in both browser and mobile versions.

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